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What To Bring To An Addiction Treatment Center

If you have decided to enter an alcohol or drug treatment center and take those first steps toward getting sober, congratulations to you. Your courage will certainly help you create a better life.

You may wonder what items you are going to need while you’re at the treatment facility. You may also wonder what you’re not allowed to bring. Most treatment centers give out a list of items you can and can’t bring. However, if you have any questions, you can always call them and ask.

Once you arrive at the treatment center, staff will most likely go through your belongings to make sure you have followed their guidelines. They will confiscate items that are not allowed on the premises, such as alcohol, drugs, or weapons of any kind.

The following are some common items that you should bring. 

A Variety Of Clothes

Most treatment centers are usually a couple weeks to a month long, so make sure you bring enough clothes to last for your stay. You will need to bring clothes suitable to what season you are in. Even if it is not summer, you may still want to bring a sweatshirt, pants, and socks in case there are chilly mornings or evenings. 

Some treatment centers also offer exercise programs or exercise opportunities, so be sure to pack some workout clothes. You may also want to consider bringing a robe or slippers. Keep in mind that some treatment centers do not allow certain types of clothes, so be sure what you bring meets with their guidelines. 


Some items may be supplied by the treatment center, but be sure to check with them. You will need to bring your toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup, brush, deodorant, lotion, hair ties, or any personal items you may need such as shaving cream and feminine hygiene products. 

Most treatment centers do not allow razors or nail clippers, but some places may allow you to check them out before bathing or grooming. They have to be checked back in immediately after.

Contact Information

You may want to bring important contact information, such as your closest family members, physician, or your legal representation. Many times, family members that are involved in your recovery will want updates and be informed on how you are doing. Some treatment centers, upon your consent, will provide such.


If you are on any medications prescribed from a doctor, you are allowed to bring them. Make sure they are still in the original bottle to show that the prescriptions are authentic. You’ll have to take them as prescribed. Prescribed narcotics or anti-anxiety medications will most likely be locked up and given out by the staff. 

Personal Items

You may want to bring some personal items that will keep you busy in your downtime. You could bring a couple books or magazines. If you have a hobby like crocheting, photography, drawing or painting you will want to make sure you have those items packed as well. If you enjoy watching television shows or like to play on your tablet or laptop, you’ll have to see if these items are allowed at the treatment center. Some centers allow technology devices and others don’t, so be sure you find out before packing them.

Important Documents

You will need to bring your ID card. such as your driver’s license or passport so they can verify you are who you are on arrival. Also, make sure to bring your insurance card because they will most likely need a copy for their records. It is also a good idea to bring a little cash, your debit card or a checkbook in case there are some outdoor recreational activities where you would like to purchase some items. There may also be some vending machines or places to buy some snacks or drinks at the treatment center. 

A Journal

Bringing a journal to the treatment center is a very good idea. You will most likely have feelings that you haven’t felt in a long time, and expressing your thoughts and feelings can be very therapeutic. You will have the opportunity to talk to a counselor or do group counseling and you could take notes in your journal about things you want to talk about in those sessions. It could also be very satisfying to read it a couple years down the road and see how far you have come in your recovery. 

An Optimistic Attitude

Maybe you can’t actually pack up your attitude, but you can decide ahead of time to make the most of the recovery process at the treatment center. Choose optimism over pessimism and hope for the best as you dedicate your time toward getting sober/clean and building a firm recovery foundation. If you’ve got a book that inspires or encourages you, such as a devotional or motivational book, pack that up and read a bit of it every day to help keep your mindset positive.

Reach Out For Help

Hopefully, you’re excited about starting your journey at an addiction recovery treatment center. This experience will help you learn and understand more about addiction, as well as yourself. You will be able to receive counseling for your addiction, as well as other issues you may struggle with such as depression and anxiety. 

You may even want to find a counselor when you finish your time at the treatment center to continue working on issues or strengthening your recovery. It would help to have someone to talk to and hold you accountable, which can reduce chances of relapse. You may also want to look at support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous and attend a few meetings to see if this would be a fit for you.

Here at Sunrise Native Recovery, we’re passionate about helping the native American community by offering evidence-based, culturally relevant treatment for those struggling with addiction. We take into consideration your cultural background, beliefs, ceremonies, and more as you navigate recovery from addiction.

Feel free to contact us for a free consultation about our services today.

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