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Native American Addiction Treatment

Substance Use & Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment

Sunrise Native Recovery is an outpatient clinic offering Residential level of care with supportive housing. Program length is based on medical necessity ranging from three to six months. 

Cultural Healing

Sunrise patients receive treatment plans that are balanced with culturally conscious components of traditional Native American healing and evidence-based 12-step practices.
Holistic Therapy
  • Gym & Exercise
  • Meditation & Mindfulness 
  • Guided Yoga
  • Experiential Therapy
  • Equine therapy
Treatment Techniques
  • Regular medical and psychiatric care
  • Individual “one-on-one” therapy
  • Psychoeducational, skill dev and cognitive behavioral groups
  • Music and expressive art therapies
  • Case management services

Culturally-Based Addiction Recovery for Native Americans