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Native American Sweat Lodge.
Good Medicine.

The Sweat Lodge Ceremony differs from tribe to tribe.

Some tribes practice the Sweat Lodge Ceremony and some tribes do not. The tribes that do practice this ceremony have certain traditions, rules, and ceremonial songs. At Sunrise Native Recovery, we offer the option to participate in this ceremony once a month.

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What Does a Sweat lodge Look Like and What Happens in the Ceremony?

Given that Native American ceremonies are sacred and differ from tribe to tribe, there is really no definitive answer on what happens during the ceremony. It is a spiritual journey and less a scheduled event.

The sweat lodge is built out of natural materials and is dome-shaped. Stones or Earth materials line the border of the dome and blankets or animal skins cover the lodge. A fire pit is positioned in the center where hot rocks by the firekeeper are placed.

Cultural Healing

Sunrise patients receive treatment plans that are balanced with culturally conscious components of traditional Native American healing and evidence-based 12-step practices.

How does Sweat Lodge Ceremonies Related to Substance Abuse Treatment?

Sweat Lodge Ceremonies are a spiritual practice and less a traditional service for substance abuse. However, it is highly recommended in substance abuse treatment to connect with a Higher Power. Connecting with a Higher Power during recovery provides support during cravings, relieves the ego’s hunger to use drugs or alcohol, and opens the addicts mind to traditional drug and alcohol abuse treatment modalities.

During active addiction, many Native Americans feel like they lose connection with Mother Earth, Father Sky, the Creator, and the teachings of their Elders. It is that loss of connection that can often deepen someone’s addiction. Even the complete loss of faith or the need to blame a Higher Power for their addiction can further deepen the dependency on the drug or substance.

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