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Does Drinking Make You Feel Anger? Here’s Why.

Some people can drink and feel quite relaxed and sociable.  Whether they drink one or one too many, they typically don’t struggle with feeling intense anger while they’re drinking. However, others discover that when they drink, they struggle with feeling angry or experiencing anger outbursts.  They may fly off the handle, become verbally or physically abusive, get into arguments with their significant other, friends, or strangers, punch walls, throw things, and more.

Do you feel angry after you’ve been drinking? Do your loved ones tell you that when you drink, you turn into an angry person? If so, know that you’re not alone.  Anger has been linked to drinking habits for many years. Good news is that once you begin to understand why drinking makes you feel angry, you may change your drinking behavior and experience less anger.

Why Does Alcohol Make Some People Angry?

When you drink alcohol, it impacts your brain in various ways. It definitely lowers your inhibitions. This isn’t such a bad thing if your lowered inhibition means you might flirt more with your partner or be more sociable with your friends. However, if lowered inhibition for you means that fury is unleashed, you could be in for some trouble.

Alcohol can trigger anger once you’ve consumed a certain amount. In fact, researchers link alcohol consumption to aggression, as there are many instances when verbal and physical abuse happen while people are intoxicated. Plenty of people are friendly as can be when sober, but when they drink, they become mean and hurtful.

What’s Underneath The Anger?

The anger is a symptom of something going on deeper.  When you drink, the alcohol affects the part of your brain that usually keeps that anger in check.  Due to your lowered inhibitions or lack of impulse control, that pent up or accumulated anger can come out in a fury.  Whereas you’re usually the guy or gal under control, when you drink, you tend to lose control.

If you talk to counselors specializing in relationships, many will state that plenty of couples coming in for counseling that argue a lot when drinking have some underlying relationship problems. Anger is a big red flag that something is going on underneath the surface, asking to be addressed.

Drinking alcohol can narrow your vision and reduce your ability to control yourself. For example, let’s say you’re leaving a party after drinking a few drinks and on your way out, a guy bumps into you. Now, if you were sober, you might shrug it off as accidental, but if you’re drunk, you may take it personal, get angry, and shove the guy back. Alcohol causes you to change your perspective as your ability to reason decreases.

The Cycle Between Anger And Alcohol Abuse

According to the National Institute on Alcohol abuse, there is a cycle between anger and alcohol.  There is a higher amount of anger associated with those that are abusing alcohol, or alcoholism in general.  In fact, the deep feelings of anger can be a driving source for picking up the drink, attempting to feel better.

Then, the more they drink, the more anger is released because of the lack of inhibition.  It’s a cycle that can really wreak havoc in the individual and oftentimes families. Thus, alcohol rehabsare always on standby to help those who are caught up in the cycle.

No Fear Of Consequences

When you drink and lose some of your ability to reason, you tend to not worry so much about consequences to your behavior. This can lead you to saying and doing things out of anger that can get you into some trouble.

Has this ever happened to you before? You over-drank and then said or did something that upset someone you cared about? Perhaps that pile of anger inside you exploded and you took it out on a loved one. Or maybe you got into a fight with a stranger.  Either way, at the moment, you had no fear of long-term consequences due to the way alcohol impacted your brain.

Alcohol Affects How The Brain Functions

When you drink, you essentially put part of your brain’s command center to sleep. As this occurs, you are less likely to restrain your impulses, so if someone ticks you off, you’re more apt to show aggression. This is also one of the reasons drunk people make calls to exes while drunk, go on a midnight grocery store binge, and so on.

Alcohol Rehabs Can Help

If you’re struggling with becoming angry when you drink or you cannot stop drinking despite various attempts, rest assured that help is available. Alcoholism is treatable, so if you’re ready to get free from alcohol addiction, reaching out for help is the first step toward freedom. You do not have to be bound by addiction any longer.

Here at Sunrise Native Recovery, we’re dedicated to helping Native Americans who struggle with alcohol or drug addiction. Whether you’re contending with a mild, moderate, or severe addiction, our team can help you navigate the road of recovery and begin creating the kind of life you truly desire.

From partial hospitalization (PHP) to Intensive Outpatient (IOP) to housing initiatives, we can help you get free from addiction and get your life back.  In addition, you can see a professional therapist to deal with any mental or emotional issues you’re contending with, such as anger or rage. We also provide treatment techniques and holistic therapy, such as:

  • Medical care
  • Support groups
  • Case management
  • Native American traditions and ceremonies
  • Mindfulness & meditation skills
  • Yoga
  • Expressive arts therapies
  • Culturally based treatment

If you’d like to learn more about our addiction recovery treatment programs, or how we can help you overcome anger management issues, contact us today. We’re here to answer your questions and/or concerns and help you navigate your unique road to recovery.

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