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Culturally Focused Program

Addiction Treatment for Native Americans

At Sunrise Native Recovery, each patient receives a treatment plan tailored to their individual needs and goals. These treatment plans focus on bringing together Native American culture and traditions with evidence-based practices in order to produce the best outcome for our patients.

Substance abuse pulls our native brothers and sisters away from the Creator. When they are ready to free themselves from the mind changers that have enslaved, we are ready to help them reconnect with their spirituality. Our alcohol abuse and drug addiction treatment plans focus on healing the mind, body and spirit. We introduce them to a sober community with people from all tribes and welcome them to share their songs, language, and art.

Wellbriety Teachings at Sunrise Native Recovery

Sunrise’s Vice President Allen King is a certified Wellbriety Firestarter. He gives a brief overview of the spiritual teachings at our Sunrise Native Recovery.

Allen starts by discussing the medicine wheel and how each section of the medicine wheel represents stages of life, medicine, ethnicity, and seasons. 

He also talks about the significance of eagle feathers and the importance of talking circle ceremonies.

Reconnecting with the Creator

Smudging, Sweat Lodge, & Talking Circles

Start your day with a prayer to the Creator. Let the burning sage carry your prayers and bless you in your new beginning in recovery from alcoholism or drug abuse. Now is the time to cleanse your spirit.

We have separate male and female sweat lodge sessions monthly. The sweat lodge ceremony is sacred to many tribes and is also a form of cleansing the spirit.

Our talking circles are hosted weekly by either a certified Firestarter or an Elder. What is discussed at a talking circle remains in the sacred space so that our patients practice an honest program of recovery.

Culturally-Based Addiction Recovery for Native Americans

Certified Firestarter Group Facilitators

Don Coyhis’s Wellbriety Movement trains their brothers and sisters in recovery in the culture of many different tribes. They learn the sacredness of their songs and ceremonies to share with those new in recovery so that they may find spiritual healing in their journey in sobriety.

Licensed therapists and trauma specialists also host group sessions Monday – Saturday that focus on our patient’s mental health. Alcoholism and active addiction can create traumatic environments that haunt a person’s recovery. One-on-one therapist sessions and group sessions create a safe place for emotional and mental healing.

Yoga & Physical Fitness

Manny Castro’s Sweat Lodge Ceremonies

Red Road of Wellbriety Teachings

Equine Therapy Sessions

Ann Wilson, LAC, MSC specializes in PTSD and has psychotherapeutic trainings that include EMDR by the EMDRIA institute and Equine Assisted EMDR. Our patients visit Ann and her horses once a month on Sundays for Equine Therapy. Equine-Assisted EMDR is effective in helping clients who suffer from complex and single incident trauma, PTSD, and a wide range of other mental health challenges. This modality incorporates the 8 phases of EMDR while interacting with the horses.

Guest Speakers